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AP Systems has been established to provide Australian builders and architects with a growing collection of cladding products that tackle the issue of unsafe and combustible cladding in Australia.

In the past, polyethylene-filled aluminium composite panels were used on buildings all across Australia which are now deemed to be a multilayered fire hazard as the material is easily ignited and gives off the most heat when burning with the same composition as petrol. This poses a major challenge for the safety of commercial and residential buildings. Not only are these panels dangerous, but they also are a major cause of waste and landfill which is why we at AP Systems have partnered with Panel Cycle. Panel Cycle allows almost all waste of the panels to be recycled into new products that can be used in the construction industry.

As a reaction to this Australian cladding crisis, AP Systems has been established in 2022. We aim to provide high-quality and non-combustible aluminum products that stand out from the rest due to the in-house fabrication and quality control processes. Our core values are quality, flexibility, and safety.

Our initial product ranges, AP SOLID and AP LINES cover the industry’s need for 100%non-combustible aluminum cladding and allow architects, builders, and designers to be creative in their designs due to the many different fabrication options available. Our panels are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility where regular inspections and continuous testing result in the consistent delivery of the unrivalled level of quality, durability, and reliability of the AP Systems facades.

At AP Systems we are committed to providing our clients with the right product for your project, which is why our personal service is perfect for you! Tell us about your project and see how you can use AP Systems for your next project!